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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Air Raid Shelters page 2

A Second Page of Air Raid Shelters around Lancashire.


Bury - Elton

Bury - Fishpool

Ramsbottom centre


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Elton shelter 2
Elton shelter 1

ABOVE & LEFT: This air raid shelter is on Greenbank Lane, Liverpool in the grounds of what is now Greenbank College sports centre. According to our friend Euan, it was the site of the ‘Wrennery’ that Eleanor Roosevelt stayed in on her visit in November 1942. Given its small size for the poaition it is in, he wondered if the shelter was there almost as a guard house (or shelter for sentries).

BELOW: On the corner of Manchester Road and Radcliffe Road in the Fishpool area of Bury. Next to a modern substation are the steps down to an underground air raid shelter.

In the centre of Ramsbottom under the grass next to the main bus stop is a large air raid shelter. It's been long since sealed off but its main entrance and its escape hatch are still visible (BELOW LEFT).

It was situated opposite the main air raid siren for the town centre on the top of the Council Buildings


There is a huge air raid shelter in Elton, Bury in the centre of the square surrounded by Powell Street. We found out about it thanks to the Urban Sherman YouTube channel. You can see the extent of the shelter as he explores it here:

ABOVE LEFT: The square at Powell Street, the shelter stretches around its perimeter.

ABOVE RIGHT: The only entrance still accessible is under the shadow of the tree.

LEFT: The only existing entrance - originally one of its escape hatches.

BELOW: Scenes from Urban Sherman's exploration that shows how large the shelter is.

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