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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Bacup ROC

Hidden in an overgrown corner of the Golf Club is this sadly neglected ROC monitoring post. Only the air ventilator and ground zero indicator. The main hatch has been buried and covered - hidden to prevent further vandalism.

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Less isolated than some of the other Lancashire ROC posts we have seen. Nearly at the top of a hill but surrounded by house, a golf course and a park.




Left: The damaged air ventilator.


Right: The site is visible from the roadside - if you can see through the plant life.


Below Left: The ground zero indicator.


This post would be used in the event of a nuclear bomb attack. Three men from the Royal Observer Corps would stay in the post for two weeks, with no supplies from the outside world. This meant that the post would have its own source of power, ventilation, communications, food and water.


Their job would be to monitor the nuclear bomb explosion for “blast pressure, power and flash”. The next task was to monitor the amount of radiation in the immediate environment so that the “local population would be informed of the amount of danger they were in.”

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