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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Duncombe Park, near Helmsley.

This beautifully lanscaped parkland is all about maximising the view of the stunning house - but during World War Two there would have been a much different view to be seen - Tanks.


A look around today and there are still clues to the parks' World War Two use when it was requisitioned (as many stately homes were) for the war effort. Historic England describes: "The western part of the park, called Park Plain (the former Fallow Deer Park) is on level land sloping slightly to the north. This part of the park is pasture and largely treeless. Blackdale Howl Wood shelters the north boundary and Spring Bank Wood the west side. Broad metalled drives, tank emplacements and Nissen hut bases date from the Second World War when the park was occupied by the 30th Armoured Brigade"

BELOW: Courtesy of the IWM - "Standing in a scout car, the Prime Minister inspects Valentine tanks and crews of 11th Armoured Division at Helmsley in Yorkshire, 6 November 1941".

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Duncombe IWM
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ABOVE & BELOW: Nissen hut bases in the trees

BELOW: A possible leftover WW2 building?

ABOVE: An excerpt from the uncombe Park map showing the location of the hut bases.

ABOVE: Many of the walks and all the main drives are clearly ex-military metalled roads constructed in the usual concrete rectangles, with the huge tank standing area seen BELOW

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