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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

More Ghost Signs - courtesy of Douglas Designs

All the photos and information on this page were kindly sent to us by others.

The top half of the page images are kindly sent by and are the copyright of Douglas Designs.

Ferndale Avenue
hydrant sign
Stalbridge Avenue
Elm Hall Drive
Smithdown Road

These are Hydrant Signs. Spot their modern equivalent nearby.


Left: On the corner of Ferndale Avenue and the A562 Smithdown Road, Liverpool.

Right: another hydrant sign but actually on Smithdown Road itself near the Sefton Park Medical Centre

Left is a different type of hydrant sign found on Dorfold Steet, Crewe,


Right is one on Rose Lane, Mossley Hill.

Rose Lane
Chester Northgate 1 (480x640)
EWS This is off the main shopping street in Prescot (640x480)
Chester Borthgate 2 (480x640)
Very faded EWS near Chester station (640x480)

LEFT: Hydrant sign at Chester Northgate.


RIGHT: another hydrant sign on Chester's Northgate.

BELOW: This EWS Sign is off the main shopping street in Prescot.

BELOW: A very faded EWS Sign near Chester Station.

A friend of the site has started to put Ghost Sign images onto a Google Map. It is very good and features lots not on this site. It can be found here:

Stalbridge Ave junction with Alverstone Rd L18 (2) (480x640)
Diamond Melly Road (2) (640x473)
Scorton Street Tuebrook (480x640)
Lark Lane Diamond Esteban (3) (480x640)
ERP Grafton St 4 (640x480)

The next SIX photos below were all kindly sent in by Caroline and Phil Bunford. All are in Liverpool and it is not surprising that they spotted them as Caroline and Phil wrote a book about Liverpool Ghost Signs - see the bottom of this page...

Diamond Amherst Road L17 (3) (480x640)

TOP LEFT: ERP sign on Stalbridge Avenue.


TOP RIGHT: ERP sign on Melly Road


RIGHT: ERP sign squeezed in between two windows on Lark Lane.


LEFT: ERP sign on Amherst Road. With faded EWS sign below?


BOTTOM RIGHT: ERP sign on Scorton Street


BOTTOM LEFT: ERP sign on Grafton street.


BELOW: Caroline & Phil's book.

LEFT: CAROLINE & PHIL BUNFORD are keen local historians and have contributed to various heritage websites and projects, they are also spokespeople for the Ghost Signs archive. They have been featured on local and national media, and are keen researchers. They live in Liverpool.

They have also an interest in WW2 Ghost Signs some of which are in this book.

These pages, all text and photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of The Brothers B. No reproduction is allowed in any form without prior written permission

ERP Signs (Emergency Rendezvous Point)


Left: This ERP sign is on the corner of Elm Hall Drive and Rose Lane in Mossley Hill, Liverpool L18. I love the way it goes round the corner!


Right: This ERP is on Stalbridge Avenue, Liverpool L18, near the railway bridges



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