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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Ghost Signs - Page 3

Onto a third page of Second World War ghost signs here in Lancashire.

And we begin with a hard to see EWS sign on Hardman Street, Bury. The sign comprises of a large yellow arrow, below, it says "80 YDS". And below that are the letters "EWS". This is a ghost sign for an Emergency Water Supply eighty yards away. Today the site of this water supply still exists - a deep water "pond" on the other side of the road in the adjacent mill. The fear would have been that these mills could have been bombed in the war and would have needed a water supply in case of fire.

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WP_20180320_12_08_15_Pro (640x360)
WP_20180320_12_08_21_Pro (640x360)
WP_20171209_11_40_54_Pro (360x640)

ABOVE LEFT: Above the arrow seems to be the number "30". We don't know what this refers to.


LEFT: It is not easy to make out but the letters EWS can be seen. A part of the outline of the letter "W" can be seen in yellow.

We presume the entire sign would have been in yellow paint as was common.

BELOW LEFT: A rare place for a ERP sign. Baildon Road, near Spotland, Rochdale. Rare, because we have never seen an ERP sign on the side of a house BEHIND a garden and garden wall before.


BELOW & BELOW RIGHT: An ERP sign on Leyland Street off Manchester Road, Bury.

WP_20171228_15_16_10_Pro (640x360)
WP_20171228_14_56_15_Pro (360x640)
WP_20171228_15_13_20_Pro (640x360)
WP_20171228_15_11_40_Pro (360x640)
WP_20171228_15_07_02_Pro (360x640)
WP_20171228_15_16_00_Pro (360x640)
DSC_9171 (640x427)
DSC_9170 (640x427)
DSC_9169 (640x427)
WP_20171228_14_53_24_Pro (640x360)
WP_20171228_14_53_18_Pro (640x360)
WP_20171228_14_55_50_Pro (360x640)
WP_20171228_15_53_23_Pro (640x360)
WP_20171228_15_21_17_Pro (360x640)
WP_20171228_15_52_59_Pro (640x360)
WP_20180501_13_04_46_Pro (360x640)
WP_20180501_13_04_56_Pro (360x640)

The next few Ghost Signs are all around Liverpool: Thanks to our good friend Euan for showing us all of these.

BELOW LEFT & BELOW RIGHT: A fantastic EWS sign on Belvidere Road, Liverpool 8 (Toxteth)

BELOW LEFT & BELOW RIGHT: An EWS (Emergency Water Supply) sign on the Junction of Menlove Gardens West and Woolton Road, Liverpool 18 (Allerton).



RIGHT: An ERP sign on Allerton Road (opposite Garth Drive), Liverpool 18


Calderstones Park, Calderstones Road entrance, Liverpool 18 (Allerton / Calderstones area)

There is a very faded large EWS sign on the walls a this entrance. With a more clearly written sign (RIGHT) below it.


An ERP sign by the gates to ‘Strawberry Fields’, Beaconsfield Road, Woolton, Liverpool 25

RIGHT: Two gate posts on Woolton Road, Childwall, Liverpool 16. Each has EWS  written on it.


On Yewtree Road, near the junction of Allerton Road is this ERP sign

LEFT & BELOW: Calderstones Park, Allerton Road, Liverpool 18 (Allerton / Calderstones area).

You can see more WW2 Ghost Signs on this Twitter page:

WP_20190411_10_44_32_Pro (360x640)
WP_20190411_10_45_06_Pro (640x360)

BELOW & LEFT: Two photos of a Hydrant sign we spotted on Bankside Lane near the centre of Bacup. Above it is an old metal Fire Point sign, which is probably pre-war

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