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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Ghost Signs 4

A FOURTH page of Second World War Ghost Signs.


We start with a great one - A sign on a pale blue door underneath an old railway bridge. It reads "The Strand British Retaurant". It can be found on Hindpool Road/The Strand in Barrow-In-Furness. Our thanks to the book 'The Barrow Blitz' by Bryn Trescatheric which documents this forgotten part of our history and explains that British restaurants "were established to provide cheap meals mainly for working men and women".

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LEFT, ABOVE & BELOW: The Strand British Restaurant, Barrow.

80 years later it is still legible by the busy main road.

Still in Barrow, BELOW LEFT & BELOW RIGHT this EWS sign. On the wall of what is currently Marks & Spencer, Buccleuch Street. The building looks like it might once have been a telephone exchange? The brickwork changes at the end of the "S" so possibly the arrow and distance are lost.

Our thanks again to the book 'The Barrow Blitz' by Bryn Trescatheric for highlighting this remnant of WW2.

Over to Preston for another EWS sign. BELOW LEFT & BELOW RIGHT

This one is on Cann Bridge itself on Cann Bridge Street.

We wonder if the "11" is in fact a "U" meaning that the Emergency Water Supply was "Underground". The river?

We won't tell you how many times we drove past this sign over the years before we spotted it as that would be embarassing

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St Helens



A different type of Hydrant sign sent to us by Euan.

This is on Standish Street, St Helens




Another of Euan's, this time an ERP sign T Sherdley Park on Marshall’s Cross Road, St Helens.

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In the centre of Bacup is this Hydrant sign, painted next to a modern metal sign. There is also an old Fire Point metal sign above. Several generations of signage for the same thing.

Hydrant Standish St St Helens
Sherdley park on Marshall’s Cross Road ERP (480x640)



Further ERP signs, these ones in Heywood. There are a lot of ERP signs in Heywood. You can see more on our other Ghost Sign pages. The one RIGHT is on the corner of Heady Hill Road. It is very faint, just near the BT Box.


Not far away on Derby Street, Heywood is this one. Seen BELOW LEFT courtesy of Timepix, shows a shop in 1954. Today it is someone's house (BELOW RIGHT).

SD841068A-L ERP Derby st heywood
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See our other Ghost Signs Pages for more World War Two ghost signs BELOW:

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