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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Hornby Pillbox

One of the most interestingly sited pillboxes in Lancashire, in terms of history and location.

Defending both the approaching road and Loyn bridge over the River Lune is this Type 22 pillbox in Hornby.


The pillbox is built into part of the ditch and ramparts for the 13th Century motte and bailey castle ( It's name, Castle Stede, and its location make us believe that it is very likely to have previously been the site of an Iron Age fort. It has been reused down the centuries as a defendable military site right up to the Second World War.


Loyn bridge itself had anti-tank obstacles in place during WW2. None are visible today.

DSC_3348 (640x427)
DSC_3378 (640x427)
DSC_3366 (640x427)
DSC_3350 (640x427)
DSC_3357 (640x427)
DSC_3353 (640x427)
DSC_3356 (640x427)

BELOW LEFT: Castle Stede beyond Loyn Bridge.

BELOW RIGHT: Loyn Bridge. According to Pastscape: "The site of Second World War holes in the road for steel girders and concrete cylinders that acted as anti-tank defences at either end." No traces remain today.

BELOW: More photos of the Hornby pillbox. Note the good condition of the interior. We noticed that the rear embrasures either side of the entrance seemed quite roughly made compared to others we have seen.

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