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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Huddersfield - Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun Site

In sight of Castle Hill in Huddersfield is this wonderfully preserved Heavy Anti Aircraft gun battery site.


The site has two heavy anti-aircraft gun emplacements, a control building, ammunition stores and other buildings. There is also a well preserved contemporary road up to the site.


The site is near Castle Hill (see in the distance RIGHT) where, according to Wikipedia, there was a range finder for the site in the outer bailey. Castle Hill itself is a magnificent place to visit, full of history dating back to at least the Iron Age. There are interpretaion boards all around it and fantastic views from the top.

020 (640x480)
Huddersfield HAA

There is much debate on the internet as to whether this site later became a POW camp, but we have found no evidence of this.





RIGHT: An aerial photo of the site courtesy of Google Earth




BELOW: Lots of photos - click on one to make it bigger.

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