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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Lockton, North Yorkshire ROC

The Royal Observor Corps post at Lockton, North Yorkshire, is a rare example of a ROC post from the Second World War. Quite why they built it in th e middle of a field in the middle of nowhere is anyone's guess.


It sits, unsurprisingly, next to a Cold War ROC post. This underground bunker was badly overgrown when we visited and almost hidden by nettles.


The field they are in is fittingly called 'Post Field' according to the book 'Lockton - People & Places' by Ruth Strong.


The WW2 ROC post is brick built and has steps up to an exposed viewing platform with a low outer wall and is adjacent to a brick built room with a reinforced concrete sloping roof - no doubt where they would hide from the elements.

SAM_4424 (640x480)
lockton ROC posts
SAM_4421 (640x480)
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WP_20151030_10_02_55_Pro (640x360)
WP_20151030_10_03_15_Pro (640x360)

ABOVE & BELOW: Hidden in the nettles a standard Royal Observor Corps post from the Cold War. Honestly, it's in there somewhere.

RIGHT: The Cold War ROC post is below the YELLOW arrow, the Second World War ROC post is below the RED arrow. Note the handily placed electricity supply pole.

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