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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire



This one was in St James's Row, Burnley.


Below Left: is from the book "Wartime in Burnley and Pendle", page 53, published by East Lancashire Newspapers in 1989.


Below Right: the scene today courtesy of Google Earth street view. Unfortunately this particular Ghost Sign has been sandblasted into history.

Lost Ghost Signs

"Ghost Signs" are well known  across the world. They are most commonly old advertisements painted on a wall (try Google Imaging "Ghost Signs"). Some even still exist from WW2 - but these are a little more mundane. "Emergency Water Supply" and the rather mysterious "Emergency Rendevouz Point" are some of the ones that we have found so far.


This page is dedicated to Ghost Signs that we know were once there and have now gone.

St James's Row Burnley NOW
EWS st James's Row


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WP_20150905_16_14_49_Pro (640x360)
img037 - Copy

Sadly, the EWS sign on Hightown Road, further up Burnley Road East, has been sandblasted into history. This area is called Whitewell Bottom.


It was still visible in the 1960's (Left).


But today there isn't a trace of it: Below Left and Below Right

Cobden Street 1960s
SAM_5035 (480x640)
SAM_5037 (640x480)

Another one gone.

An EWS sign on the corner of Cobden Street, Bury.

And the view today.

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