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Pillboxes - Page 3

So that the pages don't get too long, I've added this THIRD page of Lancashire pillboxes.

Unlike the other two pages, these pillboxes have all been photographed and visited by friends of the website, rather than by us. In other words, kind people that have contacted us and said "Have you seen......?".  

The photographs are their copyright and cannot be re-used in any way without permission.


Right: This pillbox stands at Preston docks. The only (?) surviving pillbox from a group of pillboxes and other defences placed there to defend.......well, that is another story. And one we will be putting on this website when we've done a little more research and had a good reccie of the area. The photo is courtesy of David Ford.

Cheadle pillbox 002 (425x640)
010 (640x480)
Cheadle pillbox 004 (640x425)
026 (640x480)
Preston Pillbox (480x640)
011 (640x480)

Left, Below Left and Below: Three photos of a pillbox near Lancaster in the Forest of Bowland. Somewhere between Abbeystead and Marshaw.

These photos are courtesy of Steve Butterfield of Hapton Heritage Group.

Right and Below: A very difficult pillbox to spot and especially to photograph. It is on the A560 roundabout near Cheadle Heath, Stockport. It is also on a railway embankment surrounded by trees.

These photos are courtesy of David Griffin.

Sprngwood Avenue 1
Sprngwood Avenue 2

Above: Two photos of the same pillbox kindly sent to us by Euan Withersby.

It can be found on pillbox on Springwood Avenue, near Allerton, Liverpool (by the Allerton Towers pub).

Wonder what it was placed here for? Interesting brick (blast wall?) at the back. Thanks Euan!

Haverthwaite FW3 22 (1) (640x427)
Haverthwaite FW3 22 (8) (640x427)
DSC_3366 (640x427)
DSC_3356 (640x427)

These pages, all text and photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of The Brothers B. No reproduction is allowed in any form without prior written permission

More Pillboxes to come....


If you know of any more not featured on this site and would like to submit them - please Contact Us.

Many Thanks

This is our THIRD page of Lancashire Pillboxes.





This is our THIRD page of Lancashire Pillboxes.



ABOVE: Haverthwaite Pillbox - courtesy of David Griffin.

Dave says: "This FW3 22 is quite hard to spot (and photograph) when the leaves are on the trees.

Sited at the crossroads of the A590 with Lanes End and the B5278, Haverthwaite, Grid ref 34010 84316

Many thanks again, Dave.


BELOW: Hornby Pillbox on the site of a Medieval motte and bailey. SEE OUR PAGE ON IT HERE

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