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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Hand drawn Home Guard maps of Prestwich from 1942

These Home Guard hand drawn maps of Prestwich are a great rare find. Julian Sorfleet posted them on line having met someone who had these and other maps and photos of Prestwich. I contacted Julian and he very kindly said I could put his photos on my site.

Prestwich HG map 2
Prestwich HG map 1

The ABOVE map shows the position of the barrage balloon, probably in the field behind Gardner Road. Jon Bleasdale, alerted us to this contemporary account during WW2 HERE.

Nearby, is the Spion Kop (Gardner Mount) which is an excellent viewpoint in Prestwich (though the trees now prevent you seeing much). The ground drops off quickly all around you. When you visit the site you can understand why it was used on the map to measure all the relevant distances across Prestwich. Why? Probably as this high ground served as an excellent Home Guard observation post and if also chosen as their defensive site, an excellent site to fire mortars from - hence the need for precise measurements.

There was once a War Memorial on this spot too.

039 (640x480)
032 (480x640)

ABOVE LEFT: The gates to Gardner Mount


ABOVE RIGHT: The walk from the gates to Spion Kop.

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