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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

near Reighton, lost WW2 Site?

While on a short break and not looking for things WW2, I happened across this site. While further enquiries have shown that the nearby East coast was littered with tank traps and pillboxes, this site seems unrecorded. Or at least I have found no definitive use stated amongst any of the information given.


First up, apologies for the quality of photos - I forgot my camera and so was limited to a disposable camera - now we see how technology has spolied us in recent years!


The antenna pictured is in fact behind the builiding and in the next field and not associated with these buildings at all. When passing them on the way to Flamborough Head, I thought "that's WW2!" and stopped to take photos. Little did I know what lay ahead on the coast in the form of RAF Bempton and the coastal defences. This site is on the main road to the coast and next to modern masts. It must be a relic of WW2 operations. I am surprised it does not seem to be listed on the internet as far as I can see.

img037 (640x358)
img049 (640x427)
img033 (640x421)
img035 (640x368)
img036 (640x421)
img038 (421x640)

If you have any thoughts or knowledge on this site please contact us through the Contact page. Any information gratefully received.


There are some better (digital) photos on this link:

One day I hope to go back and visit the many pillboxes, anti tank traps and other sites nearby on the East coast. However, these have mostly been recorded and photographed by many others and appear visible on line for all to see. So no real rush (except for the threat of coastal erosion).

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