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Tank Traps - Page Two

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Lostock, Bolton tank traps

Not easy to spot, especially with the Summer growth, but LEFT, are two tank traps, either side of a large concrete block (not from WW2) on a bend on the Tempest Road in Lostock.


According to the farmer who put them there, he found them the other side of this field in the allotments. Someone had rolled them downhill there. One day he picked them out and placed them on this corner of the field, along with another lump of concrete (which he got "off the tip"). Why? Because he was tired of cars taking the bend too fast and ending up in his field!

He didn't know where there original place of use was. But one would guess on the road itself.

The tank trap on the Left (LEFT) is easier to spot than its partner to the right of the concrete block (RIGHT). We will have to return in winter for a clearer shot.

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HMS Ringtail - a WW2 airfield in Burscough near Ormskirk

We found these tank traps (left and right) along with lots of modern quarried stone on the side of Tollgate Road in the Industrial Estate. I wonder if they were part of the Stop Line 14 or part of the defence of the airfield?

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On the junction of Stydd Lane and the B6245 Blackburn Road in Ribchester are these four anti tank traps. They no doubt were rolled here from the main road a few dozen yards away.


An ideal spot for a road block as it is the point where two brooks meet, two roads meet and there are two bridges (both just visible in the photo to the right).


Recently (2017) our Mum spotted further anti tank Dragon's Teeth nearby - See these further down the page.


These three tank traps (or "Dragon's Teeth") RIGHT and BELOW are in Liverpool. They are on the embankment next to the Stalbridge Avenue Slow Lines bridge and are blocking the route up the embankment to the railway line.


These three photos are courtesy of and the copyright of Douglas Designs - our sincere thanks for them.

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BELOW: Dean Brook, on the corner of Longshaw Ford Road/Barrow Bridge Road, Bolton. Several dozen anti-tank blocks are being used to prop up the bank. Near to the "63 Steps".

Our thanks to Alan Simpson for telling us about this site.


Further to the anti tank obstacles higher up the page at Stydd, are these Dragon's Teeth. Spotted by our Mum in a farmer's field opposite the Almshouses at Stydd.

Along with the three in the field (RIGT and BELOW LEFT) which used to be on the nearby main road junction, the farmer showed us another at the entrance to his farm in the hedgerow (BELOW RIGHT). Our thanks for letting us on his land to photograph them.


These things are huge, some have metal hooks in the top - but they couldn't have been easily moved.

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These pages, all text and photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of The Brothers B. No reproduction is allowed in any form without prior written permission

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Here is the SECOND page of Tank Traps & Road Blocks - we have found so many we needed a new page.




Right: While wandering around Tottington Mill and its surrounding overgrown post industrial landscape we found these. Quite how they got there we do not know. The disused mill site was also used by Tottington Home Guard during WW2 as a live ammunition firing range. But quite why there are two tank traps in the middle of this wilderness is unknown.

Read more about Tottington Mill on Ade's Blogsite HERE

While talking to the farmer who moved the tank traps, he told me another local story from World War Two.


Indicating towards the railway line that runs alongside his farm (see the bridge over it in the centre of the photo (Left). He said that during the Second World War there were sidings just near there (now long gone) where the munitions trains used to park up while full of munitions.


There was a hut by the sidings (the hut is now also long gone) where a guard sat to keep watch over the trains. I guess these were trains from ROF Chorley?


I wonder if this is what the original use of one of the buildings found near Standish ROF site and right next to the existing railway line (SEE HERE) was for? It would make sense.


Our thanks to the farmer for giving us his time and memories.


Left: The railway line today, the bridge next to the farm in the distance, sidings long gone.

BELOW: Four anti-tank obstacles on the roadside by the Grane Road near Helmshore. Currently being used by the landowner to prevent access to his property. What is interesting is that they could have been used to block this very road during the war - as just up the road from here on the moors were TWO different Decoy sites. One was to protect "The Fuse" (ROF Blackburn). The other part of a set to protect Accrington.

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