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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

ROF Standish - associated sites

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Above and Left: a pillbox on Rectory Lane

opposite the Owls of Standish Restaurant. This pillbox is a couple of fields away from the factory.


Below: This building looks to me like a railway guard's hut. It is at the end of a wide track by the edge of the railway line. I wonder if there was once a spur off to the factory or a railway siding for the munitions trains and this was the guard hut?

This mill has another possible leftover feature from World War Two - is this a blast wall or a defended entrance (Right)?

Left: Next to the mill is this building that has a bit of a look of WW2 about it. Anyone any ideas? There are a few buildings around the estate that may have been associated with the Ordnance Factory.

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ROF Standish - a Royal Ordnance Factory covered elsewhere on this site (CLICK HERE) has a number of associated structures dotted around nearby. The factory itself is now demolished and the munitions bunkers are under threat of destruction to a housing estate. But these few sites are safe for now.

There is possibly another structure visible on old aerial photos further along the line, but there is no access to it. There may well be other sites dotted around that we have not found yet.


This site is on the same rail line as ROF Beech Hill (see our page about ROF Beech Hill HERE).


Below: Bradley Hall Trading estate on the North side of the site has this mill with a fortified tower or brick pillbox disguised on the end nearest to the ordnance factory.

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