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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Tanks and big guns

Tanks and other military weaponry on display (now or in the past) in Lancashire.


This page is simply about Tanks (and a few other military vehicles, guns, cannons etc..) that we have come across on our travels in Lancashire. Sometimes they are in the most unexpected places.


Right and Below Right: an Abbot, Fv433 105mm Howitzer self propelled gun. It is on the A6046 Middleton Road to Heywood crosses the M62. It is there to advertise and Heywood 1940's Day , which we didn't know about but will try and visit and promote this year. This tank is even on Google Earth Streetview.


Below: A T55 outside the Imperial War Museum, Salford. Made between 1947 and 1989 by the Soviet Union, this one was captured during the Iraq war.

Horwich Heritage - Tank (Matilda) _NEW (640x439)
T-55_Imperial_War_Museum (640x480)
SAM_1245 (640x480)
SAM_2781 (640x480)
SAM_2958 (1024x768)
Leyland tank 1
Leyland tank 2
SAM_4799 (640x480)
SAM_4802 (640x480)
SAM_4798 (640x480)
SAM_4800 (640x480)
SAM_4693 (640x480)
SAM_4695 (640x480)

Above: This armoured vehicle can be seen at Fulwood Barracks, Preston is a "AFV 432 MK1 which was the original version with a six cylinder petrol engine. Identified on the photo by the so called kidney plate which gave access to the distibuter, plugs etc." (information courtesy of George Burke who kindly got in touch with us).


Right: are two field guns that are also on display there.



Below and Below Right: This First World War Tank was once on dispay in Victoria Park, Haslingden. It was given to the town in 1919 in recognition of the town's efforts during the war. This was not uncommon, other towns had tanks donated.


There is an Urban Myth that the tank is buried below a flowerbed in the park - people discuss on line their plans to try and dig it up. But the truth is it was scrapped in 1927. This is quite a common Urban Myth across the country.

img160 - Copy

Right: this tank from World War One and Field Gun were on display in Colne. Presented by the Imperial War Trophies Commission in acknowledgement of the town's efforts in War Savings.


Again, they are no longer there. Most probably sold for scrap. Field Guns, cannons etc were often taken away to be melted down in World War Two. See more examples below

SAM_3681 (640x480)
img031 (2)

There were once two Russian cannons on display in Burnley by the old Grammar School - Below. Captured during the Crimean War, according to Burnley Through Time by Roger Frost and Ian Thompson: "The cannons were presented to Burnley as a number of Burnley men went to war with General The Hon Sir James Yorke Scarlett, the Commander of the Heavy Brigade which saw great success in the war".

GONE: Below, only the plynth and plaque now remain. The cannons were taken away to be melted down in the Second World War.


More Info on their fate is on this website HERE

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Above & Above Right:

A Centurion tank stands at the roundabout connecting Flensburg Way and Penwortham Way (both part of the A582 road), in between Leyland and Preston.



Right: A military Land Rover as part of Bury's Britain In Bloom display outside The Fusilier Museum.


Below: As part of the 1940's Weekend, The ELR through Bury, Ramsbottom, Rossendale and Heywood has different military vehicles on display -


Below: In Birkenhead there is a German U-Boat on display from World War Two, as part of a fascinating museum.


Right: A Matilda tank outside the Horwich Locomotive Works where tanks were made in World War Two.


While there was never one on display, we thought it worth mentioning that tanks were not only made in Leyland. Does anyone know where else tanks were made in Lancashire? If you do, please get in touch.



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