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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Tank traps, Road Blocks and Dragons Teeth PAGE 3

A third we discover more and as people contact us to tell us about the ones they have found.

hapton tank traps
DSCN3594 (640x480)
DSCN3596 (640x480)

Our thanks to John Davies whose eagle eyes spotted these concrete blocks on the Leeds & Liverpool canal. He was walking the canal coming out of Burnley towards Hapton and was quite surprised to see these on the railway bridges ( Blackburn to Colne line) on a loop of the canal just to the west of Burnley.


RIGHT: A Google Earth image of Bridge 124aa with three concrete square tank blocks clearly visible.


BELOW LEFT: bridge 124b ;

BELOW RIGHT: bridge 124aa

Lathom, West Lancashire

This dragon tooth (LEFT) is at Westhead Lathom St James Primary School.


The grid reference on an A-Z is 443076. There’s a wide rough track that runs up to the public playing fields by the side of the school, and a public car park. The tooth is immediately on your right as you drive in, by a hedge.


The school is close to Ormskirk, and perhaps the tooth was part of the stop line in that region?

westhead lathom (494x640)
DSCN2693 (640x480)
DSCN2691 (640x480)
DSCN2692 (640x480)
DSCN2690 (640x480)
DSCN2689 (640x480)

Leeds - Liverpool canal (Stop Line 14)


John Davies (again) very kindly sent us some photos of Stop Line defences on the Leed - Liverpool canal that we had not yet seen. Thanks John.


His photos (which he owns the copyright for) show the following:


RIGHT:Two huge concrete blocks (anti-tank blocks) on Bridge No. 39.


Bridge No. 40 again with anti-tank blocks.


Bridge No. 41 with undergrowth hiding an anti-tank block and a railway bridge behind.

DSCN2770 (640x480)
DSCN2772 (640x480)

More concrete blocks (Anti-tank traps) on the Leeds - Liverpool Canal (Stop Line 14).

Once again our thanks to John Davies for these (BELOW) taken at swingbridge no30, off Gorst Lane and behind the old HMS Ringtail at Burscough, you can actually see some hangars from the bridge. John says: "There's obviously a big concrete block with the eye through it, but there's also a great big piece of dressed masonry next to it which may have been used as an impromptu block, or it may be there for a totally different reason."

Road block Marple 2 (640x425)
Road block Marple (640x425)

BELOW: Marple Road block cylinders, at the yard between the Church Lane Bridge (by the Ring ‘O’ Bells pub) and the bridge at the Junction with the Peak Forest Canal.

These photos are courtesy of David Griffin who kindly sent them to us.

DSCN4107 (640x480)
DSCN4106 (640x480)

ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: Retracing the canal walk from Burscough to Wigan, John Davies saw this. He told us: "After walking from Appley Bridge and under the M6 viaduct , just after the Crooke Hall Inn is Bridge 44 with this mighty concrete block on what is only a footbridge".

Another from Stop Line 14 on the Leeds - Liverpool canal.

Many thanks again to John Davies.

SAM_6385 (640x480)

ABOVE: An anti-tank obstacle on the A59 Longsight Road near the roundabout with the A666. This is a sole object which could have been recently placed here, or simply moved from somewhere nearby. The marks on it look like it was recently moved by a bucket on a mechanical digger. With lots of important road junctions nearby it could still be close to the place of its original use.

Between Langho and Billington, East Lancashire.

DSC_0387 (640x427)
DSC_0397 (640x427)

BELOW: Anti tank obstacles being used as stepping stones near Roughlee, Lancashire.

DSC_0355 (640x427)
DSC_0354 (640x427)

BELOW: Five anti tank obstacles in a layby next to the A6 near Garstang. They lie next to an important crossroads (see BELOW LEFT) and were certainly once stationed there. In his book 'A Ramble Around Catterall and District', Joe Lane says: "The five innocuous-looking concrete cylindrical blocks next to the track were originally painted white and could be chained together to form a wartime tank-trap in case of an enemy advance from the south".

Cunliffe Brow, Bolton - off Ivy Road. BELOW: Jason Moore contacted us to tell us about some anti tank obstacles he had found. When we went to see them we saw two standing and a third one nearby at the bottom of a slope. Unfortunately, they are difficult to see amongst the undergrowth. We have no idea why they are here as it is a strange place to find them as they are not close to any main roads or obvious sites of interest. Perhaps they are here due to a post-WW2 use?

DSC_9191 (640x427)
DSC_9196 (640x427)

These pages, all text and photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of The Brothers B. No reproduction is allowed in any form without prior written permission

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