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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Cold War Sites - Turton, Bolton

What a strange thing to find in a farmer's field - an underground bunker from the Cold War Era. It was a secret monitoring station to record the nuclear blast and fallout in the event of a nuclear war! Three men would have lived six feet underground in a small room and recorded what was going on above ground in the event of a nuclear strike. They would also regularly go down there and monitor and record as part of the ROC's role. There were sites like this all over the country.


It is hard to explain to a generation today how it felt growing up in the Cold War. Being told that the world could end any day and that at best we might get a "four minute warning". We would imagine what we would do in those last few minutes. We  regularly saw government adverts on TV at home and at school on what to do if the warning came. The paranoia of the day is hard to explain to people today. Remember "Duck and Cover"!

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Turton ROC google image

How to find this site:

This Google Earth screenshot (ABOVE) shows the Last Drop Village in the Bottom Left corner of the photo.

The ROC Monitoring Station is under the Yellow Arrow.


Our thanks to Dave Burnham from Bolton Archaeology and Egyptology Society for telling us about this site.

"And if one day the final fire explodes across the whitened sky

I know you've said you'd rather die and make it over fast.

With courage from your bravest friends, waiting outside for the end.

With no bitterness but an innocence that I can't seem to grasp

I know somehow I will survive - this fury just to stay alive.

So drunk with sickness, weak with pain,

I can walk the hills one last time.

Scarred and smiling, dying slow, I'll scream to no one left at all

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so . .

Oh God I love the world"

New Model Army - 'I Love The World'

"I always said it could, they never though it would

The people look so pitiful, I'm thinking that it should

And now it's almost here, now its on its way

I can't help saying told you so and have a nice final day"


The Housemartins - 'Think For A Minute'

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