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Exploring the hidden history of War sites in Lancashire

Halton Home Guard Post

Halton, a short journey North-East of Lancaster, has a little known World War Two remnant. It is sited on a much earlier relic of war, a surviving earthwork of a Medieval motte and bailey castle.


According to the site, Castle Hill, is "a small motte and bailey castle situated at the extreme corner of a promontory. The motte is about 100ft in diameter at its base and rises 12ft above the level of the bailey, the top measuring about 35 ft across. On top of the motte the foundations of a 1939/45 war lookout post are visible".


These "foundations" are visible today as dressed local stone laid out in a square shape. What kind of structure stood above this is not known, but it was some sort of temporary structure to shelter the Home Guard look outs.

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ABOVE: In the foreground some of the foundations of the Home Guard Observation Post. Beyond it a clear view of the local roads.

ABOVE LEFT: The Observation Post is visible here just to the right of the war memorial.

ABOVE RIGHT: The site is located here by the flagpole on top of the medieval motte.

ABOVE LEFT: The foundations of the Observation Post are clearly visible.

ABOVE RIGHT: The views are superb out to the River Lune and beyond. The reason for the choice of location is obvious, but it must have been a cold and windy place on a winter's night.

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